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24/7 Customer Support

Dematic Retrotech provides full support capabilities for all customers. You can get immediate help phone during normal business hours. After-hours and on weekends, support is available for contract customers for emergency support situations.

Parts and Service

Dematic Retrotech is an excellent source for replacement parts for your AS/RS, ACTIV, Woodson, or other material handling equipment. Our representatives provide the highest quality service and products at the best value.

Our highly qualified engineers, technicians, and software developers have many years of experience with all automated material handling systems. We can identify and deliver cost competitive solutions designed to fit your specific needs. Skilled maintenance technicians are available 24/7 to rebuild equipment such as AS/RS, (unit or mini-load), RV assemblies, DLT carts, and overspeeds.

Preventive Maintenance

Dematic Retrotech has a long and successful history of providing programs that ensure reliable, predictable, and optimal AS/RS performance.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections can extend equipment life, reduce breakdowns, increase worker safety, and increase systems performance and capabilities. Our semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly PM inspections supplement your maintenance and identify potential problems before they become costly.

We deliver a report with system details such as current condition, observed faulty parts, potential future breakdowns, and safety hazards. Adjustments and lubrication are included. An estimate of other repairs recommended or required is provided along with a detail of the frequency of repairs or breakdown trends.

Systems Audits: AS/RS, AGV, ACTIV and WMS

Dematic Retrotech audits can elevate your existing maintenance strategy ensures consistent, optimal performance. Our assessment of your general operation and performance identifies areas for enhancement. We deliver a detailed equipment history and reports listing observations and recommendations on how to make machines run more efficiently.

Annual Service Contracts

Regardless of the material handling system manufacturer, Dematic Retrotech offers annual service packages that provide different levels of coverage beyond the initial year of ownership.

Service Contracts for Automated Material Handling Systems

Dematic Retrotech offers a wide range of professional maintenance services. We can provide the technical and maintenance personnel necessary to maintain and improve your system performance and reliability. In addition to our standard support services, we provide 24/7 AS/RS, ACTIV system support for service contract clients.

Thermite Welding

Welding rail connections in a material handling system eliminates joints that can cause premature wear. Thermite welding provides a significant reduction in maintenance. Welded joints can also eliminate irritating noises and other potential problems.

It runs like a Swiss watch. It's so fully automated that basically we are just maintaining it. It's running itself. We are doing PM & AM work and it's just running better and better as we go and I think that's what's amazing— there's ten of us on shift maintaining 1.2 million square feet of equipment. It's awesome.

- James Richardson, Procter & Gamble

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