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About Modernizations

Achieving Measurable Business Results

Dematic Retrotech can bring new life into older equipment for much less money than purchasing and installing new equipment. We bring existing systems up to the standards of brand new, high-quality warehousing systems.

Dematic Retrotech consults with you to discuss how to retrofit and optimize your systems. The goal always is to achieve measurable business results that increase the return on equipment and software investments.

Modernization Candidates

  • Drive Systems: Servo drives, PLC interface, speed control
  • Load Handling: Plate or fork type shuttles, pin extractors, custom applications
  • Rails & Wheels: All rail sizes, laser wheel alignment
  • Positioning Technologies: Closed loop speed control, infrared, optical laser
  • Software Systems: Warehouse control systems, systems integration, warehouse management systems

Engineering Capabilities

  • Material handling concept and feasibility studies
  • Equipment inspection and analysis
  • Customized engineered control and mechanical systems
  • System simulation and modeling
  • Training and documentation

Equipment Expertise

  • All other equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment, including: rails, wheels, axles, lifting mechanisms, drive assemblies, carriage assemblies, operator cabs, shuttles, and structures.
  • On-board logic systems programmable controllers
  • Infrared communication systems
  • Variable-speed drive systems — AC or DC
  • Positioning systems (scanners, infrared distance meters, encoders) sensing devices

Software and System Integration Abilities

  • Off-site testing prior to installation
  • Basic or sophisticated inventory management systems
  • Standard and customized software products to manage warehouse functions
  • Networking software and integrated hardware systems to MRP functions
  • Factory automation material handling controls-interface to robots, AGVs, and process controls

There's no problem because your system is running very well for us. We've had no failures and do not expect any. The operator's are thrilled with its performance and I'm sleeping through most nights now... Keep in touch...

- Dave Banks, Rubbermaid

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